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Disability Management

At MDM, we understand that after an illness or injury the road to recovery can be lengthy. That is why we believe that an early start in assisting someone back to a healthy work state is essential.

Early Intervention Program

MDM’s Early Intervention Program concentrates on one’s ability, not disability. Therefore, our aim is to assist the plan member in finding the right tools and solutions for a timely recovery, with the intention of returning the plan member to their previous, or modified job.

Our integrated approach to disability management includes actively involving the plan member, employer, primary physician, and other treatment providers. This allows us to focus not just on the illness or injury, but also on other issues that may be impeding the plan member’s progress and return to work.

How It Works

  • As soon as a plan member has been absent from work due to illness or injury for five consecutive days, the employer contacts MDM.
  • The Disability Management team prepares to meet with the plan member, the employer, the family doctor, and coordinates the support of specialists.
  • After the initial assessment, the Disability Management team develops a course of action for the plan member’s return to the workplace.
  • We ensure that active and appropriate treatment is ongoing throughout the duration of the claim.



  • Reduces length of recovery
  • Promotes pro-active rehabilitation
  • May provide modified/rehabilitative job capabilities
  • Provides access to specialists and/or diagnostic procedures on a timely basis


  • Expeditious return of plan member to workplace
  • Reduces the duration and cost of employee absenteeism
  • Strengthens employee and employer relationship by facilitating open communication
  • Reduces loss of productivity
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