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MDM Mobile App

For anyone covered by an employee benefits plan, submitting claims used to be be a complicated process of filling forms, gathering original receipts and putting them in the mail for a reimbursement that may (or may not) arrive in a few weeks. On-line access made it easier to submit claims and now, smartphone and application technology has made it even more convenient to submit claims.

The MDM Mobile App is available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.  The app allows plan members to submit claims, view claims history, and coverage information directly from their mobile devices.  Members log in using the personal Access ID and the same password used for the Online Claims web Portal. This app gets the job done with is simple no nonsense design. Navigating the options are easy and straight forward.

What sets MDM’s mobile app from others is its ease of function. With only 6 options to choose from, members can select what they need with minimal steps making this app one of the more user-friendly of its kind. The term “less is more” is true to form as users can seamlessly connect and search for relevant content.  

  1. Submit a Claim
  2. View Claims History
  3. View Coverages
  4. Access MDM Benefit and Travel Card
  5. View Health Spending Account Balance (if available)
  6. Contact Us Information

The MDM Mobile App is available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

This app allows members to submit medical and dental claims from their smartphones, with the majority of claims being deposited into their bank accounts within 3 business days. Submit a copy of a receipt by snapping a photo and simply attaching it.

Plan members can also view a history of their submitted claims, and have instant access to benefit tools such as the drug/travel card, benefit plan coverage details and MDM contact information all in one place.

Download from the Apple App Store

Download from Google Play

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